Why Wool?

Our products are best for the sake of your health! It is easier to prevent than to cure a problem. You can reduce the risks of colds, allergies, rheumatism and skin diseases.

Almost all wool comes from sheep. These animals and their wool are classified into five groups, depending on the quality of the fleece. The five classifications of wool, which are listed here in order of quality: fine wool, crossbred wool, medium wool, long wool and coarse wool or carpet wool. Fine-wooled sheep include the Merino and other breeds with Merino ancestry, such as the Debouillet and the Rambouillet. These types of sheep produce the finest wool, which is used in making high-quality clothing. The United States Federal Trade Commission, which administers the Wool Products Labeling Act, classifies wool into two categories. Virgin wool, or new wool, has never been spun into yarn or made into felt. The other is recycled wool, also known as shoddy wool, are made of fibers that have been reclaimed from previously spun or woven wool. All our products are made of virgin wool from merino sheep, lamas, cashmere goats and camel.

Our bed linens are based on the most advanced scientific studies. People all over the world have been using woolen products for thousands of years. Thanks to their special nature, the wool in our products have a lot of advantages:

  • Natural wool is elastic, resilient and extensible.
  • Natural wool is famous for preserving its qualities for a long time and for keeping your body warm and dry.
  • Natural wool is light and has good fitting quality.
  • Natural Wool is fire resistant, when burned it smolders but does not catch fire. Our products are made from natural materials that possess a wonderful ability to absorb humidity and to remain dry, making you feel comfortable in all weather. Our products are made from virgin wool the products contain biologically active substances, in particular lanolin, which are used in body lotion and make up for women.
  • The natural wool used in our products provides one of the best forms of protection against the harmful effects of a domestic dust tick and demodeks, extensive inhalation of their by-products may causes allergies, bronchial asthma, skin diseases and diseases of the upper respiratory tract.
  • The micro hairs from our natural products have a constant massaging effect on the body.
  • Our products can be worn in any weather they keep you cool in the heat of Summer and warm in the cold of Winter, they provide excellent ventilation so your skin breathes while you wear them.


In order for people to increase their vitality and longevity of life they should sleep for 7 to 8 hours per night. Many people do not get a continuous amount of sleep through the night because of the bedding that they sleep on. This is a serious concern.

Your current mattress is a chemical environment in which you spend 1/3 of your life. The breakdown of the mattress foam occurs because of the friction of the springs; getting in and out of bed and tossing and turning at night. Chemicals are released and make their way into the body through open pores and sweat glands in our skin. Even if you take a shower every night before you go to bed and have clean sheets and bedding every night, your body sweats which mixes with these chemicals and thus poison your body.

Synthetic Bedding

Synthetic bedding can not absorb the moisture your body makes at night. Have you ever seen old foam mattress pads? They are brown or discolored because the material breaks down over time and those chemicals are released into your body. This includes your pillow which is also made up of synthetic fibers. Have you ever noticed your pillow getting heavy after a few months of use? This weight is the dead skin and wetness from sweat that accumulates inside the foam.

Down Bedding

Down bedding is made from feathers of birds. Even if you buy an expensive down mattress pad and or comforter, there are still bits of blood on the feathers from the birds they were plucked from. The protein in the hollow parts of the feathers breaks down and become rotten. These particles are absorbed by your skin. Why do you think this industry covers these feathers with a thick material? The feathers scratch skin easily so they are covered with a heavy material. Your body’s oxygen flow is depleted because of this material.

Dust Mites


Dust mites alone are harmless. They live for 2 to 3 weeks, never sleeping, just surviving off of dead skin and or feathers. They continuously feed and their body wastes are one of the strongest allergens on the planet. Having allergies is another reason people do not get a good night’s sleep because they are constantly sneezing, blowing their nose, or getting up to use their inhaler because they are having difficulty breathing.

Sleep Discomfort of Regular Bedding

Many people toss and turn at night trying to find a comfortable position or a cool place to lay their body. The average person covers and uncovers themselves 7 to 10 times a night. This results in constant interruption of a person’s sleep. With people 55 years or older, even one disruption while sleeping is enough to have a sleepless night. Cotton has a reputation for being the best material for a person to sleep on. However because of the synthetics put into the material to prevent wrinkles and not having to iron the sheets, this synthetic prevents oxygen to flow throughout the bedding. Cotton does not give a person a constant body temperature in which to have a fulfilling night’s rest. Another reason people do not get a good night sleep is because there is not a good source of blood flow throughout the body during sleep which causes cold feet and hands. Natural cotton is has five percent absorbency. Treated cotton has one to three percent absorbency.

People sleep in 3 positions: 1. Back 2. Side 3. Stomach

People naturally tend to put their arm underneath their pillow for firmness. Regardless if a pillow is synthetic or feather, people “fluff” their pillows for comfort before lying down to sleep. However within a few minutes, the puffy pillow becomes flat and an arm goes underneath for added support which leads to arms falling “asleep” instead of a person. Your spine does not fully relax until your body senses an appropriate firmness under your head and supporting your neck.

Our heads have a significant weight to them and do not keep the neck in its natural position. Many people have back problems. Working all day long puts pressure on the spinal column which in turn causes problems of tension, migraine and Cerebral Spinal Fluid becomes less liquid and smooth which results in an increase in friction of the vertebrae. No matter how firm a pillow, people still put an arm underneath to support their head because they feel the need to.

Babies sleep on a piece of foam covered in plastic. This is the major reason for babies getting rashes and not sleeping through the night. Their little bodies are not getting enough oxygen flow through their bedding.

The average person of 55 years of age takes 7 to 11 pills a day for arthritis, high blood pressure, back discomfort and poor blood circulation just to name a few. With a constant change in temperature from hot to cold several times a night, is often the main cause of arthritic pain. Seven to ten pills a day is a lot of chemicals entering into their bodies orally. That combined with the external chemicals from their bedding puts them at high risk for lack of sleep. Don’t you think it would be great if those people did not have to take that many pills if any at all just by getting a good night’s sleep without the discomforts previously mentioned?

All these things combined is a major concern for getting 7 to 8 hours of solid sleep every night successfully. Your heart should not have to work so hard to combat all of these problems; your heart should rest easy at night. Make a fist; this is how large your heart is. Imagine it pumping very hard every night to fight the pesticides and chemicals that surround you every day.

Bauer Solution to Healthy Sleep

Bauer is a company that through extensive medical research has discovered a way for people to get the sleep they need to ensure a healthy, allergy free life. Originating in Germany, Bauer has come to America to offer wool bedding to sleep deprived people everywhere. The concept of sleeping on wool is totally different because wool allows the body to breathe, whereas the bed that people sleep on at night is intoxicating their body as a result of its inability to breathe. Wool also absorbs 33% it’s weight in water and that water evaporates from the wool hairs creating a clean, dry environment. Wool is a thousand times larger in length then by width of each hair, that is why after absorbing moisture it evaporates. Bauer’s objective in offering wool bedding is to insulate the body from chemicals. Wool is able to isolate the body from harmful toxins. Within 3 to 5 days of having the wool mattress cover, you will be able to lift the pad, run you hand over your mattress and see a green/yellow powder. This is what could enter your body.

If you thought that wool was a material only useful in the winter season, here are some facts that might interest you. People who live in the desert wear wool clothing and turbans to keep cool in the day time and warm at night. The camels that they use to travel have wool fur which is also excellent for keeping them cool during the day and warm at night. The temperature goes from 100 + degrees to 50 degrees when the sun goes down. Wool keeps your body temperature constant due to the fact that it allows oxygen to penetrate the entire material. Wool does not make you hot or cold, so tossing and turning to find a cool spot to lie in at night will no longer be a cause for concern or discomfort at night.

Blood circulation is also much improved because the wool allows oxygen to pass freely throughout its cover and therefore allowing your body to be constantly comforted by its own temperature. Good blood circulation also enables your feet and hands to receive blood to prevent coldness. Friction created by the wool against your skin also stimulates good blood circulation. Would you love a massage every night for the rest of your life? Acupuncture is another way to stimulate good blood circulation and the wool is similar to acupuncture. Image being massaged by the wool endings every night! The entire night while you are sleeping on the needles of hair, your body will be receiving a full body massage at the cellular level of the cervical spine. This is achieved because the wool allows for an increase in oxygen to the brain.

People may feel that they have an allergy to wool and this may be true if the wool that they have been exposed to is recycled wool, cut from animals that lick themselves or wool that has been chemically treated for dying purposes. Bauer uses wool from 5 different sources and the wool is either sheared for the first time from young animals or combed from animal’s fur. Thus creating pure wool, which is completely allergy free. The best part is that Dust Mites can not live in this wool.

Bauer also makes pillows from the natural juice of the Brazilian Rubber Tree and covers this porous material with the wool. There are three types of pillows. One is called the Relax Pillow which is curved at the wide ends to allow your head to rest comfortably down but there is a lumbar support at each end to go under your neck to offer support to your spinal cord. All the pressure your back endures during the day will be soothed by the pillow whether you lay on your back or your side. The Relax Pillow is your personal doctor for 1/3 of your life. While sleeping in your bed it gently stretches the cervical neck area which leads to pain relief without medication. Two other types of pillows are Square or European pillows. The European pillow is great for expectant mothers who need support behind their backs, between their legs and in front of their stomachs. This allows for extra blood circulation in those areas. The Square pillow is great for people who have heart conditions, diaphragm problems or breathing problems such as asthma for needed to be propped up in bed.

Lanolin is the sweat and fat of a sheep which is proven to help the immune system, which in turn, decreases the time a person spends sick during the year. Due to Lanolin’s natural antibacterial and antiseptic features, it naturally heals pain. It is the main foundation of pain killing ointments. Another example of how healing Lanolin is: newborn sheep never get sick because of the Lanolin in their immune system which helps them follow their mothers immediately after birth to avoid being killed by prey. Lanolin is in wool so it helps people while they sleep on it and is also made into a liquid form for cleaning wool.

Skin sensitivity is different for every person. There are 100’s of types of wool but Bauer focuses on 5 types for their distinct qualities that they can offer people. All are beneficial but each person has their own unique lifestyle and there is a wool type that is just right for them.

There are five types of wool. They come from three different sheep, Cashmere goat and double hump camel. The Merino sheep come from the Netherlands and Australia, Lama is from South Africa, Cashmere is from Afghanistan and the Camel is from Africa. Merino sheep, pink lama and brown lama sheep get sheared between 3 and 4 months old, this is the wool used for Bauer products. Cashmere goat and double hump camel live in extreme temperatures so their wool gets combed off of them so they do not die. Merino wool is the most affordable, there are no “side effects” from this wool meaning that it is safe enough for children’s bedding. Lama wool is good for people who have spinal/back problems because it is the roughest type of wool and causes more friction, more of an intense massage when a person sleeps. People with low blood pressure love to sleep on this type of wool. Cashmere comes from mountain sheep/goats and is the most expensive. This wool is excellent for people with respiratory problems such as asthma, and skin problem such as psoriasis or eczema because this wool is the strongest Anti-Allergen wool. Camel wool is considered the wool of kings because it has strong energy and is helpful to people with migraines, high blood pressure and sensitive skin.

Bauer products come with a five year guarantee and have a product life between 10 to 15 years. The wool bedding products include a mattress cover, blanket and pillow. The mattress cover provides 70% of a good night’s sleep because your body lays down on it. The Relax pillow provides 25% of a good night’s sleep because of the lumbar support is gives your neck and back. The blanket provides 5% of a good night’s sleep because it covers your body but there is still air circulating around you. Bauer make two different types of blankets. One has two layers of wool and the other has one layer of wool and one layer of cotton. All of these pieces combined will give you the best night’s sleep of your life. If you give it 3 to 5 nights, you will find that no other material will comfort you like the wool does. Plus you will have a biologically active and environmentally clean bed!

Other products Bauer make from wool are slippers, robes, car seats, and vests just to name a few. The car seats cover the seat in your car and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They can also be used if you have a job that keeps you sitting all day long because it provides a great source of blood circulation to your back while you work. There are two styles of slippers, slide on and boot. These slippers keep your feet dry and odor free because of the wool. Don’t forget that the wool also massages your feet when you walk!